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*** 6/19-25: Ed Markey for Senate phone banking @ DNC HQ OR @ HOME! ***


*Virtual Phone Bank: Email to get the daily login so you can make calls on your computer!

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Ed is leading in the polls but in a special election anything is possible (remember Scott Brown?) so please help us protect John Kerry’s Senate Seat on Tuesday, June 25th!


*** 6/20-23: Netroots Nation (San Jose) Live Stream & #NN13 Conversation ***


*** 2013 Young Democrats of America National Convention (San Antonio) ***

– $80 Early Bird Rate ends 6/28!


We are excited to announce the Young Democrats of America’s 2013 Biennial National Convention in San Antonio, Texas on August 8 – 11.  


This is the largest event that YDA hosts every two years with 1,000 Young Democrats expected to attend from all fifty states.  If you don’t participate in a single other Young Democrat conference, this is the one you don’t want to miss.


We are working with the Texas Young Democrats to put together the most exciting convention in YDA history, including political trainings, guest speakers and other special events. YDA national officer elections for the 2013 – 2015 term will also be held on Sunday, August 11.  







YDA’s “Don’t Double My Rate!” Campaign


Federal student loan rates are set to double on July 1 if Congress doesn’t take action.  Send an email to your members of Congress today telling them to keep the current insterest rate of 3.4 percent.  


Whether you are currently enrolled in college, graduated a few years ago, or hope to attend someday; whether you were first in your family to earn a higher degree or you continued a proud tradition, the opportunity of a college education was made possible, for many of us, by access to affordable student loans.


Unfortunately, tough economic conditions in recent years and skyrocketing tuition costs have created unique challenges for our generation.  To make matters worse, if Congress doesn’t take action, federal student loan rates are set to double on July 1 making access to a college education even more difficult.


Let me be clear, no one who is willing to work hard and improve the quality of their life and that of their community should mortgage their future in order to attend college.  Republicans in Congress continue to threaten the economic stability of our generation by failing to act with a deadline approaching.


The American dream is built on a foundation of hard work, equal opportunity and upward mobility. Access to a college education is an important part of that foundation, and Republican inaction and misplaced priorities put us all at risk. For America to be truly competitive in the 21st century global economy, we need more college graduates, not fewer.


Let’s win this fight!  Contact your member of Congress today:




Contact Congress regarding any of these issues here:

www.senate.gov (social media listings) (social media listings)



Non-Partisan CBO Report: Senate Reform Bill increases GDP by 3.3% in 2023 & 5.4% in 2033 & Reduces Deficit by $200B in 2023 & $900B by 2033



What The Military Is Doing To Address Sexual Assault



White House GIF: “The Great Gatsby” Curve


1Q 2013: Biggest Drop In Wages Ever


Six Charts That Show Its Time To Reset The Budget Debate





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Do we trust Barack Obama….or Edward Snowden?

Since the NSA leaker is dominating the news and splitting Democrats I figured I would try to digest it and share my thoughts….as despite all the concern I keep noticing holes in the criticism.

I find it funny that people like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes are already getting worked up about the spying implications of Google Glass even though its just a PHONE ATTACHED TO YOUR HEAD.

The CIA can’t magically see everything you see because you’re wearing it….unless you purposefully stream to YouTube with it for several billion people to enjoy.

So, let’s take a step back. There is probably a need for more transparency in terms of what is going on with NSA surveillance programs, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sign of the apocalypse, as President Obama makes a pretty good case (VIDEO: that “they help prevent terrorist attacks” with a balance of security and privacy and aren’t anything that should be surprising to anyone…whether they knew the fine details or not.

Let’s put things in perspective….would you rather the government see your nameless phone number connected to other nameless phone numbers in a database OR…..

#1 YOUR name and picture published in a public online database (facebook and other social media)

#2 YOUR number being published in a book that is distributed at every citizen’s door in step your region. (phone books)

#3 YOUR name and address and official correspondence being available to be read on the public street. (mailbox, garbage can)

#4 YOUR complete call log being owned by a giant corporation (phone bill)

#5 YOUR salary and expense information being submitted to a big federal agency to determine how much of it you should give to the government. (IRS)

#6 And finally….YOUR social security number being kept in a massive database of every American owned by the federal government. (duh…Social Security)

So, when we see polls that millennials are overwhelmingly in favor of Snowden’s leak it means they’re for government transparency but not necessarily against their OWN personal transparency due to these factors.

Overall, the public doesn’t seem too concerned though, with 77% of Americans saying they think surveillance programs have stopped terrorism:

According to reports I have seen, the government might be able to search a sea of our phone numbers to find patterns or connections that lead to terrorist activity but if they want content from an American via phone OR email they need a warrant from a judge. If you’re not an American or are communicating with suspected terrorists it would be a FISA judge.


Washington Post: “Here’s everything we know about PRISM to date”

Patriot Act overwhelming support: The NSA has been cagey about the topic but despite some occasional complaints in the media the Patriot Act debate has come and gone several times over the years….should anyone be surprised by this capability?

If voters or activists or experts or our elected members were concerned about it, especially after the abuses of the Bush Administration, there could have been a bigger firestorm but there’s wasn’t….and since people I respect like Diane Feinstein passionately defend it I tend to back their judgement because they understand the threats and reason for these programs better than I.

Every Case Needs A Case Study: The law as written SEEMS too broad but the funny thing is, if it was so vulnerable to abuse wouldn’t we know about it? I don’t see a parade of victims on CNN telling their story. Even in the liberal press I am not sure I have ever seen any media reports of anyone who ever complained about being a victim of it.

Of course, it is hard to PROVE someone is spying on you but wouldn’t some court cases have come up where some of the evidence used to track a person looked sketchy? Wouldn’t someone be trying to bring this to the Siupreme Court.

If only one of over a million people with Top Secret clearance could share what the programs are actually doing maybe we could get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, “leakers” like Edward Snowden seem to be making their case with a generic info dump or some examples of the governmetn’s capability under the law but lack hard proof of abuse, or at least a story, of WHO is being affected….and at the very least WHAT violations actually occurred.

Great Power AND Great Responsibility: The fact is our government has the license to kill and spy….and they should. Otherwise, we need to have a huge discussion about our national security strategy.  

We couldn’t plan our decision on the Bin Laden raid via a poll on or with a hashtag conversation on twitter. If the government makes a mistake with that Power it will almost always come out and it will be held accountable. But unlike with the drone or Gitmo issue, I don’t see any poster children for opponents to wave at us yet.

Snowden says he could do anything he wants, including snooping on the President, but some experts doubt it and so what if he COULD….every Secret Service agent carries a gun but would we be impressed if one of them divulged it in an interview that he COULD have killed the President with it?

Whistle Blower or Traitor: Unfortunately, the “whistle blowers” don’t have much credibility either when they flee to Hong Kong to divulge that the U.S. is not just spying on its own citizens, but how its spying on China too, OR dump 700,000 documents onto a web site for the whole world to read like Bradley Manning did. What exactly did we learn from Manning that we didn’t already know? And how is what he did much different than giving the Al Qaeda or any of our enemies the information directly….that would be an obvious case of treason.

A real Whistle Blower needs to consider some protocol before letting the cat and the whole litter out of the bag. Ideally, they should go to an Inspector General or a member of Congress with their concerns before the media…and probably only reveal damaging documents upon request on a need-to-know basis. Apparently even an an aggressive journalist like The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald held back some material because Snowden revealed so much.

Then if several media sources have published stories on the same damaging material shared by a “whistle blower” the burden of proof can switch to the government to prove the accusation is false.

The government doesn’t seem to enjoy the same burden of proof in the media as the court of law….but maybe they should!

Imagine if we outed the source of ABC’s fake Benghazi emails…wouldn’t they be liable for distributing fraudulent government documents? Nothing happened….so much for Obama’s harsh treatment of the press.

So, it’s fair to ask for more transparency and maybe some new restraints but the bottom line is the program is legal as it passed on an OVERWHELMINGLY bi-partisan basis through the very public piece of legislation called the Patriot Act.

If people don’t like it, tell the President and tell our Congress Members but let’s not equate a slightly voyeuristic American intelligence system trying to protect its citizens to Big Brother trying to control them. The “Surveillance State” worked when it found a needle in the hay stack in Boston via street-side closed circuit cameras…was anyone upset?



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Young Democrats of America discount to’s Netroots Nation (San Jose) on 6/20-23!

New N4P POST: Co-Sponsor Senator Elizabeth Warren’s #BankOnStudents Act:

Join the Campus Progress #DontDoubleMyRate Day of Action!

New N4P POST: President Obama’s speech on transition for ending War On Terror (Video, Highlights, Analysis)


*** TONIGHT: Arlington Democrat’s Meeting & VA Lt Governor Candidates’ Debate ***

George Mason Univesity-Arlington Campus (Founders Hall Room 134)

3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA


Aneesh Chopra

Ralph Northam


N4P POST: Meet Arlington native & former White House CTO Aneesh Chopra & Join #TeamChopra!

(the Innovator who can beat the Segregator in November)

Vote in the OPEN* Democratic Primary via In-Person Absentee** until Saturday OR Tuesday’s Election Day!

*any registered voter can vote and **anyone who leaves the county or works 11+ hours on eday can vote absentee by mail or in-person at their voter office until Sat 6/8! Find your polling place/voting office and learn more:

(visit your voter office web site for extended hours information)

ALSO: Attorney General candidates vs

*** TONIGHT bePROUD: Stein Club Celebrates LGBT Pride Month ***

Pride is a time to celebrate our community’s victories while recommitting ourselves to advancing the equality of DC’s LGBT community. Join members of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club to kick off your Pride month celebrations and reflect on LGBT victories over the last year.


*** 6/6 Terry McAuliffe for Governor Reception with Michelle Obama

& Women for Terry Summit ***

Sheraton Premiere, 8661 Leesburg Pike (Tysons Corner)



(registered attendees will receive a confirmation email before the event)

*** 6/6: Women’s Information Network’s Women Opening Doors for Women ***

AFL-CIO, 815 16th St, NW, Washington, DC (Farragut metros)

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of WIN or a new member ready to get involved, WODW is the event for you! It offers the opportunity to learn from prominent women and brings women of different backgrounds together to learn from each other’s experiences, exchange valuable information and advice, and help each other along the road to success.

We begin with a networking reception that includes a keynote address and awards, then we move on to dinners that take place simultaneously across the DC metro area, tailored to any number of topics. It’s an evening that harkens back to WIN’s beginning and sets the state for the next generation’s success.

Join us for an evening that Washingtonian Magazine has described as “One of Washington’s best networking events.”

For more information, and to buy your tickets, go to

($25 reception still available)

Facebook RSVP & Share:

*** 6/6 United Way’s Do More 24 Giving Day ***

Bread For The City medical clinic fundraising page:

(donation link will be shared tomorrow)

Goodwill employment services fundraising page:

Thrive DC homeless and low-income programs fundraising page:

*** 6/9 VAYD Fundraiser to support trip to YDA Convention (San Antonio) ***

Bailey’s Pub and Grille, 2010 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202 (Crystal City metro)


The road to San Antonio is long and we need your help! Join Young Democrats from across Virginia for a fundraising reception in support of sending our Virginia Delegation to San Antonio! Purchase your ticket in advance and receive a free drink coupon at the event. Appetizers served.

Special Guest:  Arlington YD’s Atima Omara-Alwala, a candidate for Young Democrats of America President

(her historic bid would make her the first African-American Woman to hold the position)

Purchase Tickets:

Facebook RSVP & Share:

If you are interested in joining the Virginia delegation in San Antonio, fill out our interest form here:

2013 YDA Convention Facebook RSVP & Share:

*** 6/11’s“How To Make It In DC” ***

Trak Services, 1776 Eye St, Washington, DC (Farragut metros)


*** 6/12 NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s The Power of Choice***

Waterview Conference Center, 1919 N. Lynn Street, Arlington, Virginia

(near Rosslyn Metro station)


Enjoy food, drink and the Waterview Conference Center’s stunning views of the Potomac as you mingle with our members, activists and legislative allies and find out how you can get involved and support our work in this critical election year! Join us to hear remarks from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia executive director Tarina Keene and special guests, plus honor a policymaker and an activist who have made a difference in our work over the past year.

Special Guest Speakers:

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY-25)

Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-4)

Purchase or Reserve Your Ticket:

*** 6/13: Democratic GAIN Summer Soiree & Focus Initiatives Launch Event ***

International Brotherhood of Teamsters – 25 Louisiana Ave NW DC 20001

Democratic GAIN promotes and supports individuals and organizations that work in Democratic and Progressive politics through our career center, trainings, networking events, and benefits.

Facebook RSVP & Share:

(donations are currently listed as optional)

*** 6/13: Liberty’s Promise Flag Day Fundraiser ***

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace building, 7th Floor

1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW — Washington, DC 20036


Via civics and job skills training, Liberty’s Promise engages hundreds of local immigrant youth in need in their communities and help them achieve success.


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Network 4 Progress



for the social & media-savvy 21st Century Political & Civic Movement inspired by the Obama Coalition & Beyond!

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The Border Security, Economic Opportunity & Immigration Modernization Act passed Senate committee yesterday, but

of the 3,500+ people who wrote to Congress about it via POPVOX on Wednesday, 91% OPPOSE the legislation!


AND Join the Virtual March for Innovation!


(Partners include Organizing For Action, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Steve Case, Arianna Huffington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Cuban, Cory Booker, Condoleezza Rice, Jose Antonio Vargas, Voto Latino & more!)


  • Immigrants have started 25% of public U.S. companies backed by venture capital—including @Google, @eBay, @Yahoo, and @Intel

  • Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or child of an immigrant.
  • In 2011, immigrants started 28% of all new businesses in the U.S.
  • Immigrant-owned businesses generated $775 billion in revenue for the economy in 2011.
  • According to a conservative think tank, “Immigration Reform Would Save U.S. $410 Billion Over The Next Decade”http://OFA.BO/gqfN6x


DC Comm Tech 4 Progress

(connect & learn more)


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In honor of Earth Day and the importance of community we witnessed last week join the Greater DC Servathon on Saturday: Teams include Women’s Information Network, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, Young Consultants of DC and 20s & 30s Going Out Group!


(4/22 is technically the deadline but you might be able to join a team later in the week if needed)

AND Help Boston Victims or people in your own community here:

(Watch: President Obama’s Memorial Service Remarks


4/22-26 “In The Capital-Politics” Launch Happy Hours

(Mon: 201 Bar / Tue: One Lounge / Wed: Local 16 / Thu: Bar Code / Fri: Top of the Hill)


(Republican in a tight race with Democrats: &


Candidate Voter Guide:

Watch: DC for Democracy Candidate Forum (Part 1 of 8):




With Gabby Giffords and Newtown parents behind him, President Obama made one of the most passionate speeches of his presidency on Thursday to condemn the outrageous cowardice of the U.S. Senators who voted down a modest advance in gun safety:



(Gabby’s response in New York Times op-ed:


The good news is it is very apparent that this fight has just begun as it took about six hours after the background check bill was defeated for gunmen to shut down an ENTIRE CITY as we learned the truth that it takes up to 9,000 GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS to stop a bad guy with a gun.


Unfortunately, now that the voting is over people seem to be galvanized to protest but that means we have more momentum now than we did last week so join the Movement now!


THANK OUR LOCAL SENATORS Barbara Milkuski, Ben Cardin, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner (he voted against assault weapon ban & limited magazines though) for their support of gun reform AND CONFRONT THE 45 SENATORS WHO OPPOSED REFORM via Email/Facebook/Tweet:

(The Senators who voted against gun reform had received a combined $7,815,894 from the gun lobby:



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