DC Comm Tech 4 Progress speaker series

The Power of Leveraging Events for Network-building



Chad Barth

Politics & Government Relations Manager

Eventbrite for Politics







Wednesday, November 13th




1214 18th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20036

@ Dupont Circle-South

Join Network For Progress, a media-savvy Advocate, social-savvy Community and movement-building Resource for forward-minded Grassroots Action,
as we host a bi-partisan meetup with a DC Comm Tech For Progress speaker series program on how to host and promote successful events as well as how to be most effective in interacting with your fellow guests!

Whether you are looking to build connections to build a Movement for a cause or build your Career or Business for your own professional development, the ability to host and/or connect at events is extremely valuable to network-building.

Relationships are the single most important marketing tool to building influence and the best way to develop relationships is face-to-face through offline social engagement.

And what is so “bi-partisan” about the program? Since mastering events is not an ideological skill, we will be joined by Chad Barth of Eventbrite, who worked at the Republican National Committee for eight years and served as
Deputy Strategy Director for Political Technologies and can provide a unique perspective that even many smart Democratic organizers might not have about the use of relationship-building on the right.

We will also discuss a special EVENT that Network For Progress would like help with planning for 2014!



6:30 Networking

7:00 CT4P Program with Q&A: “Leveraging Events for Network-building”

        with Chad Barth, Eventbrite for Politics (@chadbarth)

7:45  Community Announcements

8:00  Networking


Questions? Contact: Jim McBride, 703-867-5070,




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8/21-28 EVENTS:



March for Jobs & Freedom

with #MLKDREAM50 Ceremonies

featuring Presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter



8/28 March begins @ 600 NJ Ave NW: 9am

– N4P Meeting Place @ DC Pillar of World War II Memorial: 10:30am-11am

(call/text Jim at 703-867-5070 to join us at any time)


8/28 Ceremony begins @ Lincoln Memorial: 11:30am

(full schedule doesnt seem to be available but the Presidents might speak after 2pm before/after the anniversary bells ring at 3pm)


After the Supreme Court’s weakening of the Voting Rights Act and a couple years of Tea Party-led attacks on Democracy and the Middle Class, this is truly an important time to remember what happened 50 years ago in Washington, DC.

Join us as Presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter will speak to the nation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the “Let Freedom Ring” Closing Ceremony on Wednesday, August 28th to conclude a week of events commemorating the Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom and the “I Have A Dream” Speech that helped inspire the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act to further the promise of “all men are created equal”:

So, clear your calendar and check out the events already planned like the Big March on Saturday, August 24th!

MLK Official Web Site & Event Schedule:

(volunteer sign up:


8/24 Grassroots Facebook event:

8/24 AFSCME-created event invite by our friend Chuck Westover below:

DC Web Site & 8/24 March for Statehood:

8/27-28 Conference & March Info:


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(June 27, 2013)



(submit events/actions:


*** 9PM TONIGHT: OFA #DreamIsNow Documentary Online Screening ***


*** TONIGHT: Rock The Vote’s DC Kickoff Happy Hour ***

Thinking about a constitutional amendment to protect the right to vote? Us too.

Join the #FreetoVote campaign!




*** TONIGHT: New Organizing Institute Labs Meetup ***

NOI Labs will be hosting our second meetup on June 27th, 2013 at the NOI Headquarters from 6 to 8PM.

We welcome coders and techy folks from across the progressive movement to get together and talk shop.  Last time we heard about some innovative ideas from the community: an open source Voter Registration tool, the My Precinct organizing platform, fancy consumer data API’s from the CFPB, an IVR Call tool, and much more.  What innovative idea would you like to see happen?

We’ve setup a new Labs Project page where you can post ideas, comment on existing ones, and sign up to be involved.  If you have a project you’re working on, post it there to start recruiting help.  Otherwise, just browse through and see if you want to get involved!

NOI is located at 1133 19th St NW, Suite 850 in Washington, D.C.



*** 7/1 #StandWithWendy vs “SB5” Special Session #2 ***

WATCH: State Senator Wendy Davis defended against Bill SB5 that would close 90% of Texas’ women’s health clinics with an 11-hour filibuster until the end of their special session at Midnight Tuesday.

(Learn More: &


POLL: Majority of Texans DON’T support abortion restrictions moving through legislature


But they face ignorance: a GOP Senator thinks Rape Kits are abortion procedures:


AND Texas Governor Rick Perry has called for ANOTHER special session and is taking shots at Wendy’s own experience as a Teen Mom:

“Just unfortunate she hasn’t learned from her own example”


Take Action vs Rick Perry before the special session begins!

Facebook Page:

(“Like” anti-Perry comments and post your own)




*** 7/3: “Will Your Vote Count?” Discussion (Rockville) ***

Discuss election integrity with Marta Steele, author “Grassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols–The Election Integrity Movement’s Nonstop Battle to Win Back the People’s Vote” and Rebecca Wilson, Co-Chair of




*** 7/17: Campus Progress’ Make Progress National Summit ***

with Senator Elizabeth Warren


This summer, hundreds of young people will gather in Washington, D.C. for our revamped, better-than-ever conference that will bring together both young leaders and progressive organizations to build our generation’s vision for 2020 and outline engagement strategies.

This year, we are excited to partner with leading progressive organizations to co-host the conference. Our partners include Advocates for Youth, the AFL-CIO, the Bus Federation, Campus Camp Wellstone, the Youth Engagement Fund, the Generations Initiative, The League of Young Voters, Rock the Vote, the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, SEIU Millennials, USW Next Generation, Working America, Young Invincibles, Generational Alliance and more to come.

So what happens on July 17th? You’ll join hundreds of Millennials for inspiring speeches from leading public officials, engage with other young people in trainings led by top activists, and learn from experts and journalists through panel discussions and conversations. Participants will connect with remarkable activists from around the country and discuss the critical challenges our generation faces.

Attendees will engage with experts and leading progressive organizations to develop their ideas, networks, and innovative programs that will help us create a more progressive America.





*** 6/29: Capital Cause Young Philanthropists Brunch (DC) ***




YDA’s “Don’t Double My Rate!” Campaign


*** 2013 Young Democrats of America National Convention (San Antonio) ***

– $80 Early Bird Rate ends 6/28!









Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act:

Supreme Court rejects case against Proposition 8 (CA Marriage Equality ban)

“Why marriage equality is good for the economy and the budget”



READ: “Supreme Court strikes down key voting act provision”

Yet the Voting Right Act was already renewed in the Senate by a vote of 98-0 and the House 390-33… 1996!

On the bright side….some commentators think the GOP might renew Section 5 or suffer in 2014.

Watch Chris Hayes:

Watch Ari Melber:

(Here’s some early proof:


In the meantime….take action below!

PETITION: “I support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees the freedom to vote for all.”



President Obama announces Climate Change Plan




POLL: Public backs Obama on Strong Carbon Controls

(support for climate legislation depends on how the questions are asked though


WATCH: Letterman interview with environmental activist Tim DeChristopher from the documentary “Bidder 70”


Contact Congress regarding any issues here:

www.senate.gov (social media listings) (social media listings)




FOLLOW NETWORK FOR PROGRESS! (General Listserv) (Community Group) (“Like” Page) (subscribe to N4P blog)

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2pm 6/6 Women for Terry Summit @ Sheraton (Tysons Corner)

3:30pm 6/6 Cocktail Reception with Michelle Obama @ Sheraton (Tysons Corner)

(BREAKING: Event is no longer FREE…….sorry i just found out but followed up on it regularly)


Democrats have momentum with a lead in the polls as the GOP is running a radical Tea Party ticket for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General led by anti-women, anti-LGBT GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Ken Cuccinelli:

But based on the results from recent non-presidential years they need help from across the DMV to ensure we can keep Virginia moving forward so get involved!

*** “Arlington for Terry McAuliffe” Volunteer Night ***

with Marlon Marshall (Obama 2012 Deputy National Field Director)

6pm-9pm Tuesday, June 4th

@ Terry McAuliffe for Governor’s Rosslyn Office
 1601 N. Kent Street, Arlington, VA 22209

Join us for a night of social media outreach and voter contact followed by drinks afterwards!

mcauliffe logo

*** Out-of-State Volunteer Program ***

The Terry McAuliffe for Governor <> campaign in Virginia is in full swing, and we are recruiting progressive friends in Maryland, DC, North Carolina, and beyond to come be a part of the movement we are building on the ground, beat back the Tea Party, and keep Virginia moving forward this November.
We are hosting two strategy briefings with senior campaign staff in the next two weeks, a June 15th and 16th weekend of action talking to voters, and weekly, on-going phone banks to build out our out of state volunteer program.
Details for each event are below, and folks can sign up for all three at one (follow up information will follow:
1. Canvass during our next Weekend of Action Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th at locations all over Virginia.
2. Attend an in-person strategy session with senior staff on June 4th at 7pm in DC or via an online webinar on June 12th at 7pm.
3. Participate in recruiting other out of state volunteers via phone banks being held in campaign headquarters near the Rosslyn metro stop each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening from 5-8pm.
Thank you from the Terry McAuliffe team,
and we look forward to working with you!

– Micah Morris <>

via Northern Virginia For Obama

(connect and learn more)

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WATCH: OFA volunteers & victims of gun violence delivered 1.4 million signatures to Congress






Obama phones OFA organizer &

former DC For Obama chair hit by stray bullet:


PROGRESS: O’Malley signs tough gun safety law


CAP REPORT: Having a gun in the home increases the risk of homicide of an intimate partner by 8x compared to households without guns




(9 Reasons: Why Progress on stronger gun laws is within reach.

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Newsletter 4 Progress

(May 6, 2013)


Organizing For Action Petition to Congressional Leaders on background checks


ICYMI: Barack & Conan @ White House Correspondents Dinner


WATCH:The Daily Show hunts VA docs in Zero Dark 900,000!
(Pt 1: Pt 2:


Support Vets: Enter for chance to hang out with Jon Stewart!
#EndtheVAbacklog Petition:


Dow hits 15,000! Big News for job numbers:


*** 5/6-7 Make Calls for Stephen Colbert’s sister vs Mark Sanford for Congress! (SC-1) ***



Video: Colbert-Busch v Mark Sanford debate

She is getting hit by dirty trick calls as the polls are tight so please help her out between now and Election Day tomorrow!


*** 5/7 OFA-VA Immigration Constituent Meeting @ Mark Warner’s DC Office ***


*** 5/9 Terry McAuliffe for Governor’s Arlington Kickoff ***

Video:FFX Co for Terry McAuliffe Office Opening


*** 5/9 & 5/11 Democratic Endorsement Caucus (Arlington School Board) ***

Thursday Night:



Video: School Board Caucus debate


Meet Barbara Kanninen: Women for Obama activist & Candidate!


*** 5/11 Montgomery County Young Dems’ Spring Ball Karaoke After-Party ***


*** 5/13 Gun Violence Discussion with CAP Action’s Tom Perriello ***

(hosted by Northern Virginia Young Dems)


*** 5/18 Terry McAuliffe Day of Action (VA / DC / MD Carpools) ***


*** 5/31-6/2 Young Democrats of America Spring Conference (WV) ***

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