WATCH: OFA volunteers & victims of gun violence delivered 1.4 million signatures to Congress






Obama phones OFA organizer &

former DC For Obama chair hit by stray bullet:


PROGRESS: O’Malley signs tough gun safety law


CAP REPORT: Having a gun in the home increases the risk of homicide of an intimate partner by 8x compared to households without guns




(9 Reasons: Why Progress on stronger gun laws is within reach.

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Dear Hope Mongers,

If you have been following the news lately you will have noticed that the concept of basic public safety measures like universal background checks of gun purchases that 90% of the American people support are under attack by the NRA and they are winning again:

“What we’re facing is the passion gap” – Rep. Jan Schakowsky

So, we need your passion right now. If you agree with law enforcement and Sandy Hook parents, in the interest of Public Safety, that criminals, terrorists and the mentally ill should be prevented from LEGALLY buying unlimited weaponry then have your voice heard today. The Second Amendment allows for a “well-regulated” militia not an “un-regulated” militia and thousands die every year because the fringe refuses to support common sense and is willing to fight against it.

WATCH President Obama: “Shame on us if we have forgotten. We need your voice heard. “

WATCH Sandy Hook parents on 60 Minutes last night:

READ Gabby Giffords editorial today:

READ Ronald Reagan’s letter to Congress against Assault Weapons:

Call Senators TODAY to tell them you are one of the 90%
that support
UNIVERSAL background checks and support common sense gun reforms like Bill 649!!!
(every voice matters….we’re being out-called in Senator Warner’s office by 2-1)

Search and Contact all Senators opposed or undecided:
(there are up to 17 Democratic senators UNCLEAR or AGAINST universal background checks)


Thanks for proving once again that Yes We Can!!!


Jim McBride
Network For Progress

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N4P Contact: Jim McBride, 703-867-5070

(feel free to call/txt/email to meet up with other Network For Progress members at the

WNDC locations below or sometime in between)

   WNDC  meet-up location for March
SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 2013, 10:00am-10:30 am SW corner of 3rd & Maryland Aves, SW Just beyond Independence Ave walking from Federal Center SW metro stop. Across from

National Museum of The American Indian and facing March gathering area.

Look for First gate to outside garden of US Botanical Gardens. Look for white balloon in

front of gate.  

Those wishing to meet up with WNDC at the Washington Monument around 11:45 a.m. for

speeches should look for 2 white balloons. 

WHEN: SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 2013, 10:00 A.M.
WHAT:  Unaffiliated with any organization, the March is the brainchild of Washington Arena StageArtistic Director Molly Smith, American Indian activist Suzanne Blue Star Boy and other local volunteer activists.

One Million Moms for Gun Control, formed immediately after Newtown, signed on recently to co-sponsor

the event. News of the March has spread through Facebook (,

Twitter (@GunCtrlMarch) and other social media.
WHERE: Marchers will gather at 10 a.m. on Jan. 26, at the U.S. Capitol Reflecting Pool east of

Third Street, NW, across from the National Museum of the American Indian. At 11 a.m., they will walk in

silence along Constitution Avenue to the Washington Monument carrying hundreds of white signs, each bearing the name of a gun-violence victim.

Joined by Newtown families, the District of Columbia’s Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton,

Mayor Vincent Gray, and Councilmembers David Grosso, Kenyan McDuffie and Tommy Wells

will lead the March carrying a banner that reads “When we stand together, we stand a chance.”


Speakers will include

Congresswoman Norton;

U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.);

Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund;

Senior Pastor Dean Snyder of Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington, D.C.;

Virginia Tech massacre survivor Colin Goddard;

Shannon Watts, founder of One Million Moms for Gun Control;

and Hollywood actress Kathleen Turner, who has starred in movies such as Romancing the Stone (1984) and Body Heat (1981).

The program features speeches, as well as musical performances by Broadway and Washington actors.

HOW DO I GET THERE?  The closest Metro station to the Washington Monument is Smithsonian,

served by blue and orange lines (exits at D and 12th St, NW and Independence & 12th St, NW).

The closest Metro stations to the Capitol Building are Union Station (red line, 40 Massachusetts Ave NE)
and Federal Center SW (blue and orange lines, D St & 3rd St, SW). Additional stations are
viewable on Google Maps. For fares, trip planning, and other information, visit

WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO HELP?  DONATE!  It costs money for production, advertising, portapotties,

and signing, for example.  Donate what you can here.


** Shattering the Silence and Spreading the Light – A Vigil & March for Jyothi Pandey ***

3pm-6pm Saturday, January 26

Washington, District of Columbia 20036

(marching to Gandhi Statue on Massachusetts Avenue)

Jyoti Singh Pandey, a 23 year old female student was brutally gang raped in
New Delhi, India on December 16, 2012. She sustained severe injuries from the
violent sexual assault and passed away on December 28, 2012.

Jyoti means “light” in Hindi. Her death sheds a light on abuse, harassment, sexual assault

and systemic injustices that lead to silence and inaction. There are countless women and girls that grow up ignored, neglected, abused, and must struggle everyday to survive as they face gender discrimination in every aspect

of their society.

Let us shatter the silence and let her be the light for all women. We can work together to make changes

in how we view one other, and how we value every member in our society so that this does not, cannot,

happen again.

Let us come together in solidarity and draw strength from our community to raise our voices for a

new consciousness.


N4P Contact: Jim McBride, 703-867-5070

(feel free to call/txt/email to meet up with other Network For Progress members)


*** URGENT: Help Needed delivering food to Seniors on Saturday!!! ***

Saturday, January 26- 10am-1pm

Samuel Kelsey Apartments

3322 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC (edit map)

@ Columbia Heights Metro

We Are Family Senior Outreach deliveries bags of groceries to needy seniors.

Because of the cold weather, their not getting the volunteers this week that they normally do.

They really need help with vehicles and manpower. If you can spare a few hours, it’s really rewarding.

Just show up.

Learn More:

Questions? Please contact your organizer, Mark Andersen, Co-Director, at





Join Us & Bring a friend!!!

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WATCH: President Obama’s moving words @ Newtown, CT Memorial Service
(“We cannot tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end, and to end them, we must change.”)


United States ranks 66th in the world in gun-related deaths:

10 Facts about Guns in the U.S.

6 Extreme Policies That Prove The NRA Is Out Of Step With America
(NRA “About Us” page says plenty about rifle ranges and education but nothing about unlimited access to personal firearms:

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