September 12-18, 2014

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5 1/2 years ago millions of Americans converged here inspired to be part of our democracy thanks to the words and community created by a President who reminded us that “we are the one we have been looking for.”

Just two years later, many of us forgot what that movement was about or lost faith in our own leaders or their hunger to keep working to make change happen.

The fact is the struggle had just begun. And the people who want to fight change were still fighting and we let them take control of the people’s house and in state capitols nationwide.

And they did it riding an even more destructive ideology than ever before that is actively trying to dismantle the strong democracy that created the American Dream. Should we really be losing to people who believe in “legitimate” rape and that the 47% are takers? This ain’t even Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party anymore.

In 2012, some of that enthusiasm was rekindled but a Democratic President needs a Democratic Congress as well as state and local leaders on his side to change america and protect our progress.

And in the last few years we have seen unprecedented obstruction at the expense of the Middle Class and working families due to extremist forces still in power today

Here are 10 ways Republicans are holding America back by rejecting the Democratic Agenda:

#1 -> From the states, that has meant making voting harder and rigging the system so the majority is not accurately represented while blocking equality measures and even taking away rights like women’s health choices.

#2 – >In Washington, that means trying block and slow down wall street reformsthat are preventing another great recession while bailing out the people who caused the crisis with tax cuts and loopholes.

#3 -> Also steep cuts to the public sector that support critical services on the federal and local levels that have eliminated over a half million jobs during a fragile recovery. transportation projects that support economic growth, that includes funding to research and regulation that saves lives and laying off teachers, cops and firefighters our neighborhoods.

#4 -> Attempting to cut social security and medicare even though the deficit is being reduced faster than at any time since world war ii and their reckless policies at home and abroad were mostly to blame for ballooning our debt in recent years.  

#5 -> Blocking investments in the jobs of the future including renewable energy solutions that have developed companies like Tesla Motors through the benefit of federal help and weaken oil dictators like Vladimir Putin.

#6 -> Blocking student loan reform and making it harder for young Americans to create businesses and compete for the jobs of the future so they can be become productive workers and active consumers.

#7 -> Blocking a living wage for people who have jobs but still live in poverty while corporations make record profits. not a good idea considering that the overall economy grows faster when more consumers can afford their products and services.

#8 -> Blocking immigration reform that would help our economy by attracting more of the best innovators in the world to silicon valley and adding more taxpayers to help cut our deficit.

#9 -> Blocking universal background checks to keep weapons of war out of the hands of criminals.

#10 -> And even blocking routine government business like presidential nominees such as the Surgeon General and closing the government at the cost of $22 billion in taxpayer dollars because they don’t like a law on the books that is now helping over ten million people get affordable health care and is ensuring that all of us get legally protected and better coverage

Think it cant get worse? Well now the House GOP is suing the president for not implementing the law fast enough. Imagine if they take over the senate too!

But here we are again. Americans are unhappy with the president and majorities are in the balance. but the good news is they are even madder at the republicans and we have the power to make them believe in the democrats again.

So i want you to do 2 things:

#1 Vote Democrat! It is the best way we can move america forward. It’s time for you to get up go to the voting both and say “I’M HOPEFUL AS HELL AND I’M GOING TO TAKE GOP B.S. ANYMORE!”

And be your own “Explainer-In-Chief” and share posts like this so everyone you know understands why.

Let your friends & family know that Democrats have passed legislation to save jobs and the economy while holding Wall Street accountable by paying back their bailout loans and reducing the deficit in a manner that doesn’t make things worse. And the results are over 50 months of job growth as 10 million people have been added to the workforce as consumer spending, exports, home building and car production are way up!

And that Democrats are fighting to increase wages, eliminate corporate tax and gun sales loopholes, as well as protect women’s health choices.

And if you’re concerned about foreign policy there is a real debate there but the fact is the world is very complicated right now….mostly because under a Republican it definitely got worse. In the meantime, our troops and are tax dollars are not being wasted in the Middle East.


So, on September 12-18, Network For Progress is hosting a Progress Week in DC to bring our movement together and we need you to be part of it in person or online…or by telling us about your own events and volunteer efforts this fall.

And since politics can move so slow also incorporate some civic and service projects that can help people right now involve your group a broader audience of change makers!

Please participate or support programs like ours because “Yes You Can” make a difference!



We need to think more about how you succeed in creating change and it involves 4 key M’s for campaigns and advocacy:

Money, Message, Media, Mobilization

But in today’s world there’s a new “M” that should supercede and even replace the role of “Money”:


You can also describe it as Community-building or Network-building but in the end it’s about Relationship-building.

It doesn’t cost a dime to inspire us, spread the word via word-of-mouth and persuade people to take action online or offline. You probably remember how this has worked in your life as your beliefs are mostly shaped from the relationships you have with your friends and family or in the free media …yet i doubt you can remember any of those expensive campaign ads!

Unfortunately, in the evolution of politics since 2008 we have seen a decrease in Movement-building in many respects and a lack of the kind of innovation that is still needed to help us succeed in the next great cause. Where are the investments to pay our young leaders a competitive wage and raise expectations by teaching them the people and digital skills required to build a modern movement not just a spammy email list?

Don’t just take it from me. at the 2014 Personal Democracy Forum i heard the Digital Director of the Republican National Committee discuss how we’re entering a “Relationship” era in politics and a top Republican digital strategist Patrick Ruffini shared how we need what he calls “Digital Thinking” integrated throughout political organizations not just digital departments.

We need a truly 21st century “50-state Strategy” for creating progress…and your help to get it done.