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This is a discussion and organizing community for DC Communicators, Creatives, Media, Technology & Social Networking professionals and enthusiasts of all kinds who would like to contribute their talents and best practices from our various communities to President Obama and other progress-minded political/civic causes via an open-source grassroots platform.

We’re working to breed 21st Century social-savvy Community Organizers & media-savvy Grassroots Activists by serving as an incubator and resource for communications and technology initiatives that can be spread to grassroots groups, campaigns and organizations in Virginia and nationwide.

Sponsored by Network For Progress, a “Super PAC(K)” grassroots organization for the Maintream Majority of people inspired by the “Yes We Can” Movement of Hope, Change and PROGRESS.

As a follow up to what we built in 2008, and more recently with the “Tea Party,” “Arab Spring” and “Occupy” Movements, instead of unlimited CASH, N4P seeks to use unlimited ENGAGEMENT to reach and influence voters and supporters via a 21st Century social and media-savvy Movement through #WINNING online/offline Communications, Outreach and Development initiatives that help build a network of relationships and skills to produce Action toward a MANDATE FOR PROGRESS locally and nationally in 2012 & Beyond.