Date:      September 4, 2012
Contact: Jim McBride (@jimmcbride13), 703-867-5070,

Grassroots group to present $500 to young Virginia Obama Delegate with special medical needs to help him pay for travel to Charlotte, supports outreach to young people to focus on “Yes We Can” Movement over “Yes YOU Can” Donate approach to Super PACs

N4P raises funds to help Toora Arsala, a Democratic super volunteer who overcame odds to become a DNC Delegate, finance his travel to the convention with his recently laid-off Mom

(read his story here:

WASHINGTON, DC – Network For Progress (N4P), a social and media-savvy grassroots organization inspired by the “Yes We Can” Movement of Hope & Change, is calling on the support of the Democratic community, and anyone that believes in giving young people a chance to achieve their dreams, to help Virginia DNC Delegate and Kristin Cabral for Congress intern Toora Arsala fund his trip to Charlotte as his Democratic Party of Virginia-reserved hotel room will cost his family, including his recently laid-off Mom who must travel with him due to his medical needs, about $1,000 not including food and transportation by Sunday night.

N4P will present Toora with another $500 this week but that leaves the family a few hundred dollars short so N4P is featuring Toora on its web site at where he shared his feelings on becoming a delegate:
“I am an Obama National Delegate at Large, I got elected Because of My Hard Work in the Democratic Party, it was a Dream Come True That I got Elected, so if you help me to go to Charlotte, I will be so happy, also I love helping out in the community, “ said Arsala.

“Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. When I help others, I feel great about myself.” Learn more about Toora on his Fairfax Connection Profile

How did Toora beat the odds to even become a Delegate? It took a clerical error by the establishment and a lot of hustle. Read that story by Democratic blogger Ben Tribbett (aka “Not Larry Sabato”) here: Toora Arsala 1, Don Mark 0+

And Toora’s hard work has not only made him a Delegate but his passion for President Obama has been so inspiring that his Mom eventually switched her party leanings in support of her first-generation American son, which is a testament to the power of citizenship and the influence of relationships with volunteers like him.

Yet N4P President/Founder Jim McBride says the lessons of 2008 have mostly transitioned from a “Yes We Can” Movement to “Yes YOU Can” Donate:
“One of the reasons N4P was created is to serve as an advocate for the grassroots people who actually make a difference in campaigns by talking to voters and building relationships in the community and that includes situations just like this.”

“ALL young people should courted for their votes and support, yet Toora, a super volunteer who has done hundreds of work for the party and deserves a spot at the convention, after an unlikely victory against party bosses to become a Delegate is also stuck with over $1,000 in expenses to participate,” McBride continued.

“Instead of learning the movement-building lessons of 2008 and investing in development and community-building programs to support hard working activists and connect with leaders of the future, the party and campaign apparatus often enables an ‘enthusiasm gap” by spending millions on TV ads and communicating via spammy fundraising emails that marketing gurus will tell you offer exponentially less bang for the buck than giving this young man the opportunity of a lifetime…that creates a DEMOCRAT for a lifetime,” noted McBride. “”If we value friend-raising (facebook or the real kind) over fundraising it will actually be MORE affordable than TV ads and require LESS $3 donations for Dinner with Barack that most young people won’t be able to attend and STILL probably can’t afford.”

McBride has worked in communications for over two decades and ran press relations for the IAFF’s Fire Fighters for Kerry campaign during the Democratic primary in 2004. He has hosted grassroots events in the region ever since as President of the Arlington Young Democrats and DC’s Generation Obama chapter as well as a key member of Virginia For Obama during the 2008 Primary as the statewide Volunteer Database Coordinator who organized the earliest watch parties and phone banks in the region.

To prove McBride’s point, this was Toora’s post on facebook after N4P’s grassroots community raised $234 and he was bid on for a date by Miss Wyoming United States 2012 Mary David at the Generation Obama-Washington, DC annual date auction last week:
“Had The Best Night of His Life, Thanks to Jim McBride, Lauren Hall, Anjon Roy, and the Rest of the GODC Group, They Helped Me Fundraise For Charlotte, and They Helped Me Get a Date with Mrs. Wyoming, Thanks Again Everyone, Now I am Very Excited for Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
(watch here:

What is the best way to describe the value of that enthusiasm for President Obama and the Democratic Party created through a little bit of grassroots creativity? Priceless.

Donations can be made directly to Toora via N4P’s sponsorship page here so he can pay for Charlotte….and his date with Miss Wyoming!

MEDIA: Toora Arsala is available to discuss his story and N4P’s Jim McBride can discuss how party leaders can recapture the magic of 2008 by investing in and engaging young people like Toora in Washington, DC or Charlotte.

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