N4P puts the COMMUNITY in Community Organizing and the PARTY back into the Democratic Party!


Network For Progress is a crowd-sourced Grassroots “Super Pack” representing America’s Mainstream Majority that employs a “Forward Progressive” Mandate-focused & Network-based Organizing Model to serve as a 21st Century media-savvy Advocate, social-savvy Community and movement-building Resource for forward-minded political and civic Action to better our life, neighborhood and country in 2013 and beyond.

“Yes YOU Can….Network for Hope. Network for Change. Network for PROGRESS.”


Launched by alumni of OFA’s Generation Obama-Washington, DC chapter on February 10, 2011, the fourth anniversary of President Obama’s “Yes We Can” campaign for Hope and Change, Network For Progress is a VA/DC/MD-based movement-building organization that utilizes “word of mouth” media messaging and social networking to support a “New Kind of Politics & Citizenship.”

N4P is focused on combating the institutional strength of the Conservative Movement (aka “Tea Party” & Fox News) and combating the “enthusiasm gap” by relationship-building with current supporters, engaging potential supporters and developing evangelists via an offline “ground game” and online “air war” to continue our PROGRESS in 2014 and the years to come.

In other words: Recruitment -> Retention -> Training -> Action


N4P’s three core Movement-building and Program missions are to serve as an:

# 1 ADVOCATE: “DC Comm Tech 4 Progress” (recruitment)

->  Media-savvy Engagement & Program Action

  • Over 3,000 email recipients, facebook group members and twitter followers receiving weekly or daily updates on political, social and career information and opportunities.
  • CT4P Meetup kickoff with former White House CTO Aneesh Chopra and follow up with Colin Delany of epolitics.com.

#2 COMMUNITY: “DC Organizing for Progress” (retention)

-> Social-savvy Networking & Program Action


  • “1st Thursday” Progress Parties often with over 100 attendees (our annual State of the Union Watch Party attracts over 300 Hope Mongers!) with raffle prizes at local hot spots.
  • Partnerships with Women’s Information Network. America’s Impact, DC Drinking Liberally, Arlington Young Democrats, Prince George’s County Young Democrats, Salsa Labs etc.
  • Social Progress speed dating, date auction fundraisers and singles workshops.

#3 RESOURCE: “Build For Progress” (training)

-> Development & Program Action


  • DC Career Progress workshops with experts like Brad Traverse and Stephanie Deckter with resume swaps etc
  • Speakers like Karen Finney (MSNBC), David Shuster (Current TV, We Act Radio-DC), Tom Perriello (CAP Action), Simon Rosenberg (NDN), Richard Fowler (We Act Radio-DC), Michael Moschella (Truman National Security Project) and Mike Signer (New Dominion Project).
  • DC Progress Office collaborative workspace events