9/15 Career Progress Night 

co-sponsored by TRAK Services


“State of Changemaker Careers in 2014”


Mariah Minigan

Operations & Benefits Manager

New Organizing Institute




featuring a Showcase of professional resources & opportunities from:

Amanda Santoro, TRAK Services

Kristen Dore, NOI’s Work Forward, http://neworganizing.com/jobs

Bilaal Ahmed, DC Link Tank, www.dclinktank.com @dclinktank

Kim Steins, Resume Consultant, http://businessforgoodnotevil.blogspot.com

Susan Baranano, Woman’s National Democratic Club, www.democraticwoman.org

Ria Riesner, Faith in Public Life, http://www.faithinpubliclife.org



Monday, September 15th

New Organizing Institute

1133 19th Street, NW, Suite 850

Washington, D.C. 20036

@ Farragut metro stops


Network and join a conversation on the opportunities and challenges of working in the political, non-profit and public sectors and connect with some great resources that include some folks who are actually hiring!

Refreshments provided for early birds courtesy of TRAK Services.

If you want to co-work or co-search with your career-focused colleagues after the event there is a NightOwls Meetup for new media-savvy self-starters starting at 8:30pm in the 1776 Start Up Campus where the President talked about the job numbers recently:



Contact: Jim McBride, 703-867-5070, network4progress@gmail.com




($1 early bird ticket sales end at 12pm Monday)


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